Rotary Basics & Last Weekly Meeting for the Rotary Year

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Rotary Basics & Last Weekly Meeting for the Rotary Year

June 27, 2019

From Your Secretary’s Pen
By: Melanie P. Caragos-Talimio

Maison de Bonbon was a hive of activity last Thursday afternoon to early evening with the presence of the ladies from the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro EAST URBAN.

The first activity was the board meeting of the new set of officers led by PE Linda Rosalinda Caragos. The meeting focused on projects for the month of July kicking off with a gift-giving and feeding of children beneficiaries on July 1. A good number of members have already committed to attend the service project, PDG Bing Fe Rosales Juarez took the floor by 4pm for the initiation of the club’s prospective members.

Armed with a good presentation on Rotary Basics, she was able to engage the 9 soon-to-be-Rotarians on what Rotary is and what it means to be a Rotarian. For current members present, it was also refreshing to listen and be reminded of the organization’s history, it’s purpose and goals, and why they chose to stay in the club and make Rotary their way of life. My warm Welcome to the new members: Ophelia Paano, Pam Navarro-Salon, My Sicat, Alyn Booc, Tina Casiño, Gingging Empedrad, Chaissa Dulguime, Nenette Rebolos, and Mich Nocete 🤗

After the short study, President Joy Lesandra Gan commenced with the last RCEU regular meeting for the RY 2018-19. As she called the meeting to order, I felt a palpable twang of sadness to see the end of a banner year. As emcee and PP Ophelia Dela Cerna called her attention to this, Pres Joy replied that on the contrary, she’s very happy, and the proof of it can be seen on her genuine and winning smile. Congratulations Pres. Joy for bringing the club great honor!

Amidst all the buzz, food was overflowing, from different breads and jams, to grapes and imported cheese, to the crispy lechon, to a dessert table of cookies and stuff, no wonder I keep on gaining weight!
Thank you to all the food sponsors, and oh yes, thank you Pres. Joy for the early bird awards you prepared. I was one of the lucky winners. 🤗

rotary basic img1
The new board of officers in action.

rotary basic img2
New Generations Director Stephanie Caragos is busily typing notes while Old generation ladies like me still use the traditional pen and paper 😁

rotary basic img3
PE Rosalinda Caragos gives a warm welcome to start the initiation of the prospective members to the wonderful world of Rotary

rotary basic img4
PDG Fe Rosales Juarez on the basics of Rotary

rotary basic img5
PE Linda presenting PDG Bing with a token of appreciation

rotary basic img6
The prospective members with Director for Membership Daisy Tiu, PDG Fe Rosales Juarez. Pres. Linda, and VP Imee van der Born.

rotary basic img7
Rtn. Heidi Grace Mendoza leads the community singing and called on her gang of Rotary Anns of RC CDO with her.

rotary basic img8
VP Imee van der Born on the fund-raising project for the July 3 Spiderman movie announced that all tickets are sold out! Congratulations Imee!

rotary basic img9
The survivors (as a good number have already left)

Club History

The club started with ladies who were not just acquaintances but close friends. They decided to give meaning to this closeness, thus the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro East Urban was born.